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Scalable GHS-compliant labeling solution boosts chemical manufacturer productivity, accuracy, and efficiency

GHS was designed to establish a precise and standardized method of labeling and documentation for mentioning chemicals. However, an expanding set of rules and regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and GHS for material registration, labeling, and tracking becomes an even greater challenge. Additionally, customers are calling for a stronger emphasis on EHS&S throughout the supply chain. LabelingOnUs’ LMS is a secured and trusted labeling solution that can be tailored to meet any regulatory or business requirement. Designing, printing, and automating the chemical labels with LMS gives you centralized control and security while connecting your business data together.

We can help you with the GHS labeling procedure

LabelingOnUs’ labeling software converts hazard information into GHS pictograms, labels, and Material safety data sheets that drive GHS compliance. We have worked with chemical facilities around the world to develop global labeling processes that abide by GHS, REACH, and other regulations, and our solution is an integral part of their GHS strategy.

What GHS Labeling Solution can offer you?

Label Design

Easily design labels in minutes with Compliant Label Templates. Dynamic Label printing with proper GHS symbols, built-in business rules control GHS symbol, regional translations, colors, and language.

Update Labels

The layout can be tailored to your specific requirements and is adaptable to container sizes, warehousing procedures, and corporate branding strategies. To generate compliant, consistent labels, our solution includes an automated, full-color template.


Guarantee accuracy by integrating your product data with our Integrating System. Simple approach to connect to SDS database or an application like SAP EHS Management and provides dynamic, data-driven labeling.

Reporting with accuracy

With business intelligence, you can review, analyze, and report on all activities to ensure auditability and safely comply with regulations. According to this standard, chemical manufacturers can capture and record activity from any electronic systems used to identify and track their products.

Need to Learn more about GHS

The GHS solution for labeling has undeniably emerged as the simplest method for businesses of all sizes to create, manage, and print labels throughout their business and supply chain operations.

Become GHS compliant with LabelingOnUs

We provide validated solutions for on premise and cloud environments. You can quickly and easily comply with GHS regulations with the help of our labeling solutions.

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